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06.09.05 12:27 AM

four years and running

so july 1, 2005 marks the fourth year that i've been doing this journaling/blogging thing (check the archives for reference). that was back when the site had a much different look and i was hand coding everything. nowadays, i often feel that i'm running out of ways to come correct when so many new peeps are stepping into the game and really turning out some dynamic online - diary/journals/blogs.

the personal life is probably even more hectic than it's ever been in these four years past. but this is not a good-bye, but instead a break. a little break until i can achieve some of the things i want to achieve career and personal wise, until i can upgrade MT, until i can get my design a little updated, and until i can think of new things to talk about in this space.

for those who have been around - you know it's been customary that as soon as i make this type of announcement, i'd turn around in a week and be back at it again - sometimes even days later. but nah, for real this time. i want to do this thing, when i can really do it right. so at least give me a couple of weeks. but don't delete from your blog rolls and news readers just yet, 'cuz you just never know when i might return.

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