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02.20.08 05:26 AM

One To Watch: Teyana Taylor

Vibe magazine recently placed her in the pages of its NEXT section, which usually (historically) was a good way of gauging whether an artist was going to pop or not. Since we're not mainstream and all over here and Soulbounce has yet to write about the chick, we're holding reservations until we actually hear some tracks. (Their coverage has become the litmus test of all that's worthy of my headphones.)

But granted, when the kid had me sit down and watch the Teyana Taylor My Super Sweet Sixteen ep for the umpteenth time, I grew a little soft spot for said artist. Her style is way cool, and with that said, there's great hopes that her musical abilities will match the talent displayed when she chooses her outfits. I can confirm that her fashion acumen is real, I've seen her on 125th @ Atmos, it's just my bad for not having my video camera or a working cameraphone at the time to prove my sighting. But anyways..

That she's Pharrell signed insures us that there will be banging tracks, but what's a track without a voice? We'll have to see.

In the meantime, we'll just sit back and watch this Fader TV: Behind the scenes at Teyana Taylor's "Google Me" Video...

Or you can listen to the track "Google Me" yourself [via Different Kitchen]...

(At least it's not as bad as Laurieann Gibson's Fergie-biting "Addictive," that only gets props for reenacting a scene from the motion picture FAME.)

Or is it?

Or maybe I'm just getting to old to judge what's coming out of the studios lately. But I think my ears still have just enough youth in them to suggest that this is not a first single.

Maybe she's better as a rapper - Teyana Taylor "Swagg" vs Lil Mama "Hot." You decide.

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