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02.20.08 02:55 AM

In Case You Missed it on BlackWeb2.0

Not that I blog all that often anymore (you know my never updates -- word to Nova), but for a while there I paid a good portion of time to the type of blogging I was trying to do at, then to what I was trying to do at techPresident, and even to what I was trying to do at BlackWeb2.0. But I've lately realized, that all of the energy I put elsewhere (of course except FC because that's my job and I get paid over there) I could be putting in over here. Sharing the same insights, and even more -- like actually adding some video and audio to the site.

Not that I'll never blog any of these places or others again, but I've got to get the old Lynne d Johnson || music, media, my life back in shape (calling mr. j. smith). But in the meantime, here's a taste of some of what I most recently posted over at BlackWeb 2.0:

Get Your Thrillercast: 25 Years of Michael Jackson’s Thriller
In the event of bringing people closer to celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Legacy Recordings teamed up with SpringWidgets to create Thrillercast, a year-long podcast event featuring legends of music, film and culture taking you behind the scenes to their own experiences with Michael and hearing the album for the first time. Thrillercast launches on February 12th with Run-DMCs Darryl McDaniels. (read more)

What AllHipHop Needs to Do to Win
This week, Inc Magazine published an article about Allhiphop’s real state of affairs on its website:’s Founders Thought a Weeklong Event Would Raise the Company’s Profile and Boost Growth. Written by Kermit Pattison, the article goes into great detail about how 2006’s AllHipHop Week almost brought the business to its knees. Of course they turned it around, but the questions remains whether the company has done all it can to stay afloat? The magazine article also offers advice to AHH, provided by three experts. (read more)

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