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01.12.07 07:16 PM

No My Name is Not Lloyd

Back in 2004 when I first referenced the artist named Lloyd on my Website, I would have had to pay someone to comment or even take notice of this R&B singer.

But now, ever since the success of, "You," his song with Lil' Wayne, I'm starting to think about taking the post down. When the song started getting air play, little girls started leaving comments and many I approved and let post. Then after a while -- I suppose it was right after his topless video started rotating on BET -- I started getting fan mail. Yep, fan mail.

I receive email every day that say things like "You so fine," "I'm Gonna' Marry You," "I Love You." After I received about 5 of these types of contacts, I emailed one little girl and asked her whom she thought she was talking to. She said she thought she was on Lloyd's site. So, I learned to delete these messages when they came in. Today though, I received one that said:

"Hey Lloyd this is Dee-dee! Raquels BestFriend. I just wanted to check in wit cha! Oh yea and tell Chuckie d,Big reese,Jasper,and the rest of your brothers&fam Dee-dee says hi!!"

For this message to get to me in the manner that it did, the above Dee-dee would have clicked on the navigation element at the top of my website's pages that says "contact." So if Dee-dee knowns enough about the Web to realize that clicking contact would aid her in contacting someone, why wasn't Dee-dee wise enough to realize she was not on Lloyd's site? My tracking software even reveals that she clicked on every link on the site.

C'mon, look at this link again. Either the illustration of me off to the side looks a lot like Lloyd, or these kids just aren't really even looking at the page. I mean seriously, just read the post. Let's just forget all the telltale signs surrounding Lloyd's photo that reveal it's not his website for a second and read the post. Seriously, is that what we'd expect Lloyd to write about himself.

"he called me ms. lynne in that good old country boy way when introduced to me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek when the interview was over."


I think I need to start teaching young folks how to use the Web again.

But in the meantime, I'll just add a clear description at the top of the contact form and see if these little girls keep sending Lloyd email to me.

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