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07.13.04 04:19 PM

A-T-L, Georgia

awwwww. my 14-year-old niece would envy me now. earlier today i accompanied one of my up-and-coming writers to the def jam offices to conduct a video interview with lloyd. he was so adorable. he called me ms. lynne in that good old country boy way when introduced to me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek when the interview was over. he was so charismatic and full of energy. the entire time he was being interviewed, i was grinning like a chesire cat, b/c for a new artist, he really handled his. his answers were sharp and he has all this personality in the way he moves his hands and head. no i'm not saying go out and listen to lloyd. i'm just saying that for an 18-year-old, boy came off like a champ. for as many years as i've interviewed new artists, i've never seen one as composed as this. murder inc. just may make a comeback after all. besides, all the little girls love his video. but i have to tell you, i'm really getting too old for this shit, this is a 20-somethings game and i've crossed that threshold moons ago.

and if you are unclear as to lloyd's identity, click here to view his video featuring ashanti. btw, she was there also, and i didn't even recognize her. i just thought she was some chick hanging out until someone else brought her to my attention. ho hum. anyways, as i said, i'm getting too old for this game.

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