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10.03.02 12:33 PM

napster, the movie — and then — battling the music giants

Could Shawn Fanning's life and the story of Napster really be that interesting to hold anyone's interest long enough to warrant a full-length movie? MTV thinks so.

MTV to Make Movie About Napster
By Sue Zeidler
"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The story of Napster, the failed online song-swapping service, always promised the kind of larger-than-life elements Hollywood thrives on — corporate intrigue, a nail-biting court battle and a young hero."

"Now comes Napster, the movie."

"Cable network MTV on Wednesday said it has reached a deal for the exclusive rights to the life story of Shawn Fanning, who created the controversial and wildly popular file-sharing program in 1999 while he was a 19-year-old student at Northeastern University in Boston."

"The movie, tentatively scheduled to air in 2003-2004, may even star Fanning, now 21, as himself."

Meanwhile, Courtney Love finally gets her day/pay. Would the same thing have happened for a hip-hop artist?

David vs. Goliath to a Rock Beat
By Neil Strauss
"It is not easy for a musician to fight the music business alone. Few have tried, and far fewer have succeeded. When Courtney Love filed a lawsuit against the Universal Music Group last year, threatening to expose record company contracts and accounting practices, it seemed as if some of the longtime grievances of musicians would finally have their day in court."

"Other artists were expected to follow and support Ms. Love. None, however, did. Nonetheless, the tenacious Ms. Love, who has an itchy trigger for lawsuits, vowed to go it alone."

"After a protracted legal battle, though, Ms. Love settled her lawsuit against Universal this week, before the case went to court."

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