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08.27.05 01:16 PM

music is the strangest thing...


this is probably old news by now, but it appears that the jigga man is interested in grime, especially in lady sovereign. rumors abound that he's in talks to sign her.listen to lady sovereign - "Cha Ching (Cheque Remix)"

now we all know that the h to the izzo likes his music all worldly. remember "beware the boys" w/punjabi? and linkin park mash-ups ain't no joke either.


speaking of mash-ups, the iwayne roots fans @ sobs on tuesday night had no idea what to make of m.i.a. well at least not until she did a mash up w/macca diamond. btw, macca diamond's "done already" is wicked.

but back to grime - will it stick, will it stay raw? is it roc-a-fella music? i don't know - i thought about that yesterday already. from crunk to grime - dunno that the hardcore hip-hop fans will make that transiton. though ya' boys the diplomats did w/"dutty clap." it just seems like in the ol' us of a - it's the hipsters that dig grime, y'know tha Pumpsta kill whitey movement.


i don't know why lady sovereign and m.i.a make me want to write about fannypack, but...

y'all already know that i was digging fannypack, but i was sure they were going to be a one hit wonder. and maybe they are, but there's some commercial for kids clothes - like jc penny or target or something - where i'm sure i heard one of their latest songs. most people i know think they're wack or corny, but they got more love from me when they covered lidell townsell's 90s mega-club hit "nu ny (yeah yeah)."

is fannypack hipster music?



as appears to be tradition, i took the niece to see the scream tour on wed. i don't have much to report about it - it's pretty much the same as it was two years ago, just a different cast. i felt far more removed from it this time though. the niece and her friend had a blast - and knew practically every word to every song. wife beaters and tight abs can really make teenage girls scream and cry. it sorta felt surreal.

but then i thought, wasn't it the same for me the first time i saw prince or the first time i saw new edition right there in that very same theater. age is definitely on the creep up.

yet i have no shame and announcing that i don't mind marques houston trying to get his grown and sexy on.

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