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08.26.05 08:32 PM

Friday Link Love

8.26.05 Link Love + (Commentary)

Harold M. Clemens confesses that he's a closet socialist hoe. (Whomever needs to pay $30K for coochie with a "bunny" might as well get married. Uh oh, my feminist card is gonna' get revoked for that one.)

Jalylah Burrell is digging Eddie Kendricks' "Intimate Friends." (I've always been a "Goin' Up In Smoke" fan myself.)

Tiffany B. Brown explores topics that make her think and/or get pissy, such as scion's beef w/a rapper over anti-bush lyrics and our consumerist culture. (Isn't it safe to surmise that a society that breeds consumers rather than producers is headed to hell in a hand basket?)

Del F. Cowie's Knapsack and my Beeper post (has me wondering what happened to backpack rap anyway, better yet what exactly is it? Kanye used to sport an LV backpack - is he a backpack rapper? Perhaps Little Brother is the resurrection of that thing, whatever it is. Where are the native tongues when you need 'em, heh?)

Wayne Marshall waxes about the ethnomusicological perspective on reggaeton for the BBC's "the world" program. (Are reggaeton and grime just fads, or will they stick? Wasn't Reggae En Espanol a big play back in the '80s when Shabba Ranks and Super Cat dominated dancehall? As for grime, I'd have to wonder what Hattie Collins did in "will grime pay?" at the BBC Collective in Nov. '04 - "The worry now, of course, is whether Grime will go the way of UKG and end up merging into the mainstream its real roots lost to the corporate coin eager to rake in the cash rather than build and nurture.")

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