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01.25.07 04:18 PM

Ms.Dewey is hot!!!


I've been testing out a lot of search engines lately, call it Google detachment or whatever. Perhaps it was even meeting the folks from hakia, when I was out at Web 2.0 and speaking with them made me realize that I really use 4 search engines and not only 1. I've even added their "meaning-based" search engine into the mix.

Why you ask? Because I'm not always interested in only what's popular. I need to do hardcore research sometimes, I need a lexis nexis type of search engine.

And though I haven't done much investigation of Windows Live yet, I see that they have a flash-driven search engine based on live. The name of Dewey is probably a nod to the Dewey decimal system. The sexy chica playing Ms. Dewey, as the librarian who wants to help you, is none other than Janina Gavankar, who plays "Papi," on The L Word.

Entertaining as she is, pouting, impatient, jovial. Truth is, Ms.Dewey isn't a fast, reliable search engine. But it's definitely fun to look at and show your friends.

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