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10.11.06 02:08 AM

Marques Houston - Favorite Girl

MarquesMirrorLG.jpg Marques Houston's new single, "Favorite Girl," from his upcoming album Veteran.

I happen to be one of those rare above 30-year-old women who happened to like Houston's Naked CD, and even appreciated that album more when I took my niece to the Scream Tour. Of all the acts, Houston was the only one who came across as mature. So of course when I first heard this track I gave it a listen. At first, I wasn't impressed. But then it grew on me. It started to remind me a little of Craig David.

I've noticed the video in heavy rotation on VH1 Soul. But watching Houston with Stacey Dash kind of makes my skin crawl (in a bad way). Thinking about him bagging her, is so totally not plausible. It's like the video with Ray J and Ananda Lewis. Who keeps putting these "young men" in videos with these older women?

Anyway, give the song a listen yourself and tell me what you think.

Marques Houston - Favorite Girl (WM | RM | QT)

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