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10.11.06 01:07 PM

two years later...honey magazine

With suede magazine off the shelves and vibe vixen in need of a decent website, the market is prime for a young urban woman's publication to step on the scene. And while vibe vixen is really a pretty damn decent magazine, we have yet to see what it reads and looks like under its new owners' direction.

In the meantime, the internets are abuzz about the appearance of honey magazine's website gearing up for a takeover. The content on the site has been updated within the last two months, and there's a definite relationship with sony music and bright cove video services.


While not the most search engine optimized site -- considering the home page was created in flash and the urls are not search engine friendly (since whatever cms is being used limits the use of titles in the urls b/c it's based on modules) -- it still looks as if the site is set up to create buzz and page views before either a bigger more publicized launch, and possible re-release of the print publication.

Not a bad idea at all, esepcially since the word on the street is that both vixen and essence are developing site launches/relaunches in the next coming months.

According to the information on the website, honey is still owned by Philmore Anderson's Sahara Entertainment or Sahara Publishing, as was reported in Richard Prince's Journal-isms back in 2004. Anderson was formerly vice president/marketing for Columbia/Sony Records, and before that was head of marketing for Atlantic Records and had an Internet music company, according to the report.

What's interesting though, is that the report also mentions: "the auction for Honey, the last of the Vanguarde Media publications being auctioned off in Manhattan bankruptcy court, was won by Sahara Entertainment in conjunction with Black Book Media Corp., another New York firm, which agreed to assume the publication's subscription liabilities, according to the lawyer representing Vanguarde."

The current CEO and President of Vibe Media Group were formerly CEO and President of Black Book Media Group, just before moving over to Vibe. They are principals of Keith Glen Media Group, which is reported to be the parent company of of Black Book Media. All of these companies fall under the umbrella of The Wicks Group.

I feel like there's some mathematical formula to calculate six degrees of separation or some other such equation that comes up with a scenario that will reveal that somehow, at some point, all of these businesses will roll into bed together. I just don't have the time to figure out the equation or do the reporting that's required to make this a real story and less gossip and rumors as so many blogs are wont to do.

Maybe someone else will carry this one a little further -- if they haven't already.

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