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04.06.02 04:08 PM

Life is kicking my ass

Life is kicking my ass lately. I'm finally dealing with the breakup a little bit better now, but these three jobs (computer teacher with an adult education program, internship with a technology for learning project, and an adjunct professor post teaching a course on technology, culture, and communication) and school just really have me overworked lately.

In the final couple of weeks of the semester and I have a Website to finish creating, tests to take, and papers to write. That interview I had last week went pretty well, but I had to do so much in preparation for it. I had to learn all about electronic portfolios for students, faculty, and institutions, and I even designed a mini site that serves as a portfolio of my teaching experience and the main body of work completed in my MBA program. That took me forever of course.

Not quite getting the grades in school this semester I was aiming for, but I still have two weeks to turn it up. And I won't even mention my inability to take on any new freelance writing assignments. That's not even getting to the pieces I still have to get in to publications, including a piece I have to finish for this book coming out from SUNY Press on etiquette.

But in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, all this compounding stress, I did get some good news. I'll be on a panel on Black Music and Technology at the American Studies Association Annual Meeting this year in November in Houston. Whew!

This is probably a good time to turn this blog back into a media reference-type blog, instead of a personal blog. You know links to articles, with a point or two about the article and a little of my opinion about it. Mainly pop culture stuff. Yeah, I think now would be a good time for that. A lot easier to maintain given my current circumstances.

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