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07.14.04 02:27 PM

i've got the grimace on

cal ulman asks: Are Rappers Going Crazy?

"On Jadakiss' hit song "Why?" Jadakiss asks "Why did Bush knock down the towers." In a recent interview with Beanie Siegel asks "Did they really find Saddam? You think that's Saddam, for real?" When rappers make stupid statements like this it just makes them seem ignorant and gives ammunition for the likes of O'Reilly."

I dig Cal's site, but I'm thinking he doesn't understand African-American's mistrust of government and belief in conspiracy theories and that films like Michael Moore's feed into what many of the African-American populace already believes about government's role in world violence. There's a lot more I could say about Jadakiss' song, but I'll save that for another post. Simply stated though, for many there is truth in Jadakiss' question that Cal references.

And on another note concerning O'Reilly, as Luda would say, "Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'ma throw you a curve/ You mad cause I'm a THIEF and got away with words/ I'ma start my own beverage, it'll calm your nerves/ Pepsi's the New Generation - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

addendum: funkdigital is discussing this same topic.

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