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07.14.04 02:10 AM

black hip-hop bloggers stand up

if you're black, and you blog, and you blog about hip-hop please, please, please, go over to hashim's site and let him know here.

you see there are a lot of discussions about hip-hop happening on blogs that include race, and there are no black bloggers commenting in those spaces. not only are they not commenting in those spaces, they're not commenting about hip-hop and race or hip-hop in general on their own blogs.

holla' at that boy and let him know there is a black hip-hop blog voice out there. and soon i'll be asking for the feminist (womanist) hip-hop bloggers to rise up. and as my boy mark anthony neal says in this article, you don't have to be female to be feminist.

addendum: check out mike's cogent post that continues this discussion. it has me thinking that perhaps the reason that black bloggers don't specifically blog about hiphop is because it is not quite a phenomenon to us that has to be examined in the same way that other bloggers of other ethnicities might. just a supposition here.

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