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01.21.04 07:31 PM

i'm on my way


This January, some 9,000 music professionals from around the world will again come together on the French Riviera for five days of working the trade-show floor, deal-making, networking, seminars, conferences, presentations, showcases and parties. Everyone brings their own distinct networks of contacts, turning your five days in Cannes into the most exciting music business forum. Learn more.

but wait there's more...

The NRJ Music Awards 2004. You know the usual, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake. Learn more. I hope your French is up to par, if you decide to follow that link. Mine isn't. But it didn't hurt me the last time I was out there for the Film Festival.

And oh yeah, while I'm gone, go check out Nova's hip-hop quiz. It's kick ass, and he's actually giving away a prize to whomever can answer all 15 questions. I'm not going to enter, it might not be fair. And Mr. Beats and Rants, if you're reading, it'd probably be unfair for you to enter also.

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