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01.23.04 09:19 PM

retro rocks out

we interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging and reports from Cannes, to bring you some of what we�re thinking as regards some current music.

what a lot of people don't really know about me, is that as much as i grew up in the boogie-down being shaped by hip-hop music and culture, my music sensibilities were also very much shaped by listening to — no better yet, obsessing about — folks like The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order , The Smiths, OMD, Cocteau Twins, Echo and the Bunnymen, Public Image Ltd., Bauhaus, INXS, Love & Rockets, and Joy Division among many others. my vinyl and audio tape collection actually need to get a digital upgrade to MP3 so I can get back to listening to some of this.

but anyway, i mention this now, because there's this one band that's really caught my attention. so many of these retro bands pop up every year, but i think The Rapture really has this thing down. it's dance rock at it�s best. don�t believe me? check �em out. will they be another flash in the pan? i'm not sure, but they're really hot right now.

bonus: you should be checking for Dizzee Rascal if you haven't already copped his joint. i know he's just come out in the U.S. this week, but i�ve really been sleeping on a brother. audio and video downloads have been popping on the Web for a minute now and his UK release was back in November. he's like some mash up hip-hop meets garage meets damn, it's a serious mixture and you have to check it out for yourself. some may have even already heard him on that basement jazz joint. if he doesn't end up on some Missy or Neptune's joint, i just don't know what's up. learn more about him, listen to his music, and a watch a video here.

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