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09.23.04 12:33 PM

I'm Already A Fan

Felicia Pride, you go girl with your blacklist. I hope she can fill in where coloredgirls dropped off, though my bets are on that zakia will revisit that in time enough. and though ron's mosaic magazine is set to make a comeback, i still think we need more folks talking about black writers and authors, b/c truth be told, the masses still think that we don't read, or probably now they believe that we all read ghetto lit.

troy still has african american literature book club afloat and has even found a way to earn some revenue. and of course we all know about black issues book review. but i seriously think felicia is onto something different here - for one i see a heavy focus on music related titles or authors who have written about music or who are music writers themselves. what i'm especially digging is this conversation with Mark Anthony Neal, whose next project is Thatís the Joint! The Hip-Hop Studies Reader, and Gwendolyn Pough, who authored Check It While I Wreck it: Black Womanhood, Hip-Hop Culture, and the Public Sphere.

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