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09.23.04 01:55 AM

i haven't known what to say...

now, i didn't really know aaron. at least not in the way that george, or jason, or ej or some others did. i mean certainly he was one of my friends on orkut and yes since i've been blogging since 2001, we've come into contact. but direct communication, i did not have with him. so when i heard the news, i felt so out of touch, so disconnected. for one, because in all these years, i had never really connected with him - and lately i haven't really connected with anyone who i've been known to call my blogfam. so i felt kind of numb.

what i do know is that i respected aaron and his blog. i thought him otherworldly - and i mean that in a positive sense. with all my pop cultural mutterings, i just never really saw myself as being in his universe, b/c he was just so brilliant and so all-over-the-place (in a good way) with his commentary. what else i know, is that the one or two times that i checked my stats to find that aaron had mentioned me or linked me that i was like "whoa!" i didn't even know that he knew i existed, for a long while i had no idea and had no reason to fathom such.

so when i received a couple of IMs about it - i was dumbfounded. i wanted to know where i'd been, why i hadn't known sooner. and it's b/c i've been so out-of-touch, wrapped up in many things that have become my new life. and i realize that i miss this life, this blogging life, just like i miss aaron's presence out here in this other world that we have created.

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