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01.10.08 04:03 PM

Hillary Vs Barack: Worthy Reads

Hillary vs. Barack? A Black (Male) Feminist Considers
by Mark Anthony Neal

I have to admit, that I haven't thought much about the gender question as it relates to the contest between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. That is until Gloria Steinem shot a bow across the collective dome of so many folk who claim a progressive gender (and sexual) politics. Writing recently in the New York Times, Steinem asks aloud: what if it was "Achola Obama" and not Barack Obama who was running for president? According to Steinem, "nether [Achola Obama] nor Hillary Clinton could have used Mr. Obama's public style--or Bill Clinton's either--without being considered too emotional by Washington pundits." And while I'm with my colleague Salamishah Tillet, who suggested that Steinem didn't have to create "Achola Obama"--the example of Carol Moseley Braun's 2004 Presidential run would have sufficed--Steinem is on point when she asks "why is the sex barrier not taken as seriously as the racial one?" [ for more]

Letter To My White Sisters: That Hurts My Feelings
By Maria Niles

Lately (especially post Iowa) I am seeing more and more of my white sisters saying that one of the reasons Hillary Clinton should be elected is because of the powerful, world changing, patriarchy smashing, awesome and beautiful message it would send. And I agree it would. But when you imply or flat out say that having a white woman in the White House is more important than having a black man there, that hurts my feelings as Hillary Clinton might say. [PopConsuer for more]

Other worthy links:

Liza Sabater of culture kitchen breaks down the hip-hop vote in: Why did Hillary win?

Jay Smooth's quick vlog thought on why Obama won in Iowa: Barack Obama and "Tolerance Fatigue"

Laura McKenna takes a look at the "chickosphere" to guage how women really view Hillary: What Do Women (Voters) Want?

Clay Cane on how Hillary got NH but also a peek ahead to SC and the black vote in: Miss Hill Cries, Billy Whines

My own post on Barack's celebrity: Obama's Iowa Win and the Power of Oprah

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