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07.30.02 08:43 AM

gettin' personal

j. has me contemplating whether I should get more personal here. I'm not quite as worried about who might stop by, as much as I have concerns about how much of my private life should be on public display. I mean, one or two of you have learned more about me on AIM, and another via email. And she learned a lot about me the day we met up for brunch. Of course since he's known me since back-in-the-day, he really knows more about me.

Just how personal do you get online? How much of your life do you reveal? Which names do you name? How in depth do you talk about your offline friends, or even what happens in your professional life? I still don't know.

BTW, brick has a new design and URL, and is now using MovableType. Check it out, it looks great. I'm still hand coding, but it is possible that I might be converted soon.

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