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07.30.02 02:08 AM

ain't got nothing for ya'

All I got for ya' is .xml feeds and site testing at work. And then final papers, final tests, research documents, and a marketing plan to finish out this Media Management MBA. Oh yeah, Friday night I did get to have a mojito to toast my girl Mel for her birthday at this posh new hotel in SoHo called 60 Thompson. From the rooftop we had a fabulous view of the city. Sometimes all it takes is a spellbinding ambience to make me happy. And the mojito was damn good too. I'm even thinking about treating myself to a room there one day, just because. Saturday, went out dancing again with the date from the long weekend I had at the end of June. It was another fun and long night, or should I say morning. Sunday I was supposed to finally get my second tattoo, but dude had been away on vacation and somehow forgot to draw up my piece. So now I have to try and do that at some point this week. Also have to finish this art piece by Wednesday morning for this art show we have an opening for at school on Friday. And trust, I'm no artist. The fact that I can manipulate a few digital tools doesn't even help me in that department. Today hardcore and I had another one of those freestyle sessions on AIM, but we were both busy so I am not sure it was our best. He was away for awhile and it has taken me a little bit to recapture my natural rhyme flow abilities. I might try posting it tomorrow (I should say later today), after a few minor edits that is. To be quite honest though, I don't really know how I'll have time for anything like updating this diary. As you know, the countdown to August 10th is cutting closer and closer for me. See ya' around. Soon I hope.

Almost forgot, are you ready for Jaguar? I am. And you Macies know what I'm talking about. I think it's time I upgrade my machine at home. Jaguar would probably kill my poor little iMac (Ruby with a CD-ROM drive). I'm saying, how can I be in the now at work and not at home? I think it's time I start looking at those new iBooks with a combo drive. And I'm still eyeing a 5GB iPod, but now that they have 20GB ones I don't know what to do. *Bigger is not always better.*

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