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09.26.05 12:45 AM

free chat

yeah i know, most mac heads have been using ichat for A/V chats for a long while now, as have yahoo IM supporters

and those of us who were on AIM in the early days, remember when we could chat for free - it was basically VOIP - but i haven't used AIM proper in so long, I have no idea what it's capable of anymore (though I hear you can blog from it and have access to a free email account)

but now Google has Google Talk - and this seems promising (considering this feature was announced about a month ago, it also shows that i pay absolutely no attention to added features in google mail, but it's not my fault, blame it on the safari browser that enables me to read my gmail through an RSS reader, and therefore bypass a lot of xtra info)

Though Google doesn't list it in it's other clients that support Google Talk document, I'm happy to know that I can access it through Fire, which I wouldn't trade in for any other IM ever

I just hope it doesn't take me as long to test out google talk as it did google mail. Any recommendations for a good wireless headset?

i guess there is a lot of sense to calling this here ether the interweb

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