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08.06.03 01:50 AM

Dwele doesn't deliver

So I have just come in from dragging Donald to see a Dwele concert with me at SOB's. And lord knows I have been praising this cat, and still I feel his music, but truth be told he is no powerhouse singer. One of his background singers even stood him up, and boy did Dwele throw him shade for that. I'm sure Donald will tell this story better in pictures than I can in words. I bet those pics will be up in a few hours. I'm saying, the music was stirring, but Dwele is no D'Angelo or Bilal. His range is lacking, and his riffs are a little trife. Don't get me wrong, I still like the album. It's refreshing. It's something different than the mass marketing machines are feeding us, although this cat is signed to the major Virgin label. It was still nice to see a live band, and nice to see someone at least try to scat and pay homage to Stevie, The Tempations, and Marvin Gaye, but to be quite honest I wasn't astounded.

After the show, and boy was it short, it was the after party for Donald and I, but I'll let him tell it in pictures.

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