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01.04.05 12:15 AM

Da Big(uh) List of 2004

This is not in order, nor by any means is it finished - it's a work in progress - in a week or two i'll have it down to my top 5 (in order) or so - then i'll be the hotness like jason, ej, KB, Rex Sorgatz, Sasha Frere Jones, and countless others who really put these lists down with deep contemplation.

Again - this is a work in progress and in no particular order

Amp Fiddler - Waltz of A Ghetto Fly (Pias America)
John Legend - Get Lifted (Sony)
Kanye West - The College Dropout (Roc-A-Fella)
Usher - Confessions (La Face)
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand (Domino)
Prince - Musicology (Sony)
TI - Urban Legend (Atlantic)
Mos Def - The New Danger (Geffen)
Vybz Kartel - Up 2 Di Time (Greensleeves)
Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby (Interscope)
Nas - Street's Disciple (Sony)
Jean Grae - This Week (Babygrande)
DJ Dangermouse - The Grey Album
Jay-Z/Linkin Park - MTV Ultimate Mash Ups Presents Collision Course
Dizzee Rascal - Showtime (XL)
Talib Kweli - The Beautiful Struggle (Geffen)
Greyboy - Soul Mosaic (Ubiquity)
TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (Touch And Go Records)
Ghostface - The Pretty Toney Album (Def Jam)
Chops - Virtuosity (Vocab Records)
DJ Ayers, DJ Eleven, Cosmo Baker, et. al - The Rub: It's The Motherfucking Remix (
Grand Hustle Presents Gangsta Grillz - DJ Drama & The P$C - Down With The King

Check back for updated list, in order, with descriptions - CDs will most likely be excluded and others added

Check back for top singles list

Check back for top videos list

Check back for top mixtape list

Edit: This list will forever be a work in progress, because I don't really remember thinking that any album was great this past year. Like nothing I bumped the entire year. Or nothing that I constantly wanted to listen to each track over and over again. I loved a lot of singles though.

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