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03.30.04 07:12 PM

why apple itunes music store is dangerous...

i don't usually have to buy recent music
it comes to my mailbox before i can even ask for it
whether i want it or not

so i was awaiting the release of...

among a few other things
and got sucked up in the iTunes music store downloads
even when this joint cost me $16.99 instead of the usual $9.99

a review is forthcoming
but a feature is more likely

so far i'm hearing jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, the beatles, sly stone, which all of course means prince and lenny kravitz, er, and perhaps, terrence trent d'arby

pharrell does have a way with the drums though, might he give mr. big 'fro a run for his $$$ - hmm...

since when was it so hip to be square?

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