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11.10.05 01:25 PM

what are the odds...

that you would get on a plane to LA with nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe with their baby - and then sitting two rows ahead of you is rick fox and one of his kids - and it seems like you're the only one on the plane who has made that eye contact with them that says "I know who you are."

What are the odds, that these folks, kind of big in the African-American community go unnoticed on a flight from NYC to LA?

Well, as transracial as we may think things are Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington at the end of the day, the most transracial of us, Oprah Winfrey, has already shown us that black folks still look just like all other black folks to the waning majority.

11.11.05 update: I just realized from the comments that I should post this addition. The airline I was flying was Song and it's a little like Jet Blue - there really is no first class. Which says something else about this scenario, but I won't get into it.

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