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04.11.06 11:37 AM

web rules

the leading story on Crain's this week discusses the path from print to web. remember when it was the other way around?

though i'm calling it the path from print to web, Crain's focuses on the death of print. we're thinking it'd be nice to give some titles the benefit of doubt.

anyway, it begins:

"The last few months have been busy ones for the Grim Reaper, as one high-profile magazine after another has fallen into his clutches. Budget Living, Cargo, ELLEgirl and Celebrity Living have all made the journey to the other side--and to the Reaper's snarky new Web site,"

the (internets) has been telling print for the past couple of years that without a strong web strategy in place, consider your book a relic. it's not that i think it's the total end of print, but if ever there was a time for convergence - the time is now. media is just that - media - not medium. companies who have strong cable or tv, print, web, and mobile properties and know how to market them well are the ones that are going to be around after the fallout. consumers want their media on demand and advertisers want to reach them.

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