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05.14.03 12:00 AM

this didn't have to happen

A 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death, because she was proud to be a lesbian. We live in a culture that breeds hate and violence, and so this young girl died. Furthermore, no one wants to accept that lesbians and gays deal with the same ills as ethnic minority groups, or better yet that lesbians and gays should be entitled to basic human rights. There is no reason that bias crimes against lesbians and gays should be treated any differently than those perpetrated against women or blacks. We should all have the right to live freely within this society. Hopefully this young lady did not die in vain, and lobbyists and LGBT advocates will apply more pressure to government.

She Didn't Have To Die
Teenage Girl Fatally Stabbed At A Bus Stop In Newark
Police Issue Warrant In Stabbing Of Lesbian Teen
Lesbian Teens Death Probed As Hate Crime

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