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01.17.02 01:03 PM

the futuristic boom bap

De La Soul keeps bringing the futuristic boom bap to hip-hop to remind us that everything is not always about money, bitches, and hos. Reviews of their latest effort have been plenty good. And still their fresh, witty wisdom tells us there is hope for hip-hop.

"Fewer than a handful of MCs can say that they've dropped a handful of classic hip-hop albums. But, over the last decade and a half, De La Soul can. As hip-hop's great equalizers, they verbally counterpointed the genre's money-obsessed masses of asses in one fell swoop with connivingly worded smackdowns, a sly-fox sense of humor and a steadfast, think-smart philosophy," says Hamida Kinge in the Philadelphia City Paper.

While over at the New York Press, Adam Heimlich says, " De La Soul's whole career has been about nonconformity. Their version of it transcends anticonformity, which is itself a hard enough stance to maintain. When De La Soul achieves nonconformity-as on the whole of the Amityville-bred trio's debut, 3 Feet High and Rising, and now again, 12 years later, throughout Bionix-it's like they're on a cloud, gazing with sympathetic pleasure at a landscape marked by rebellion and struggle. Those are the abundant meat on which "real hiphop" feeds, but for De La Soul the guts of rap are the easy part."

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