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02.13.08 02:18 PM

The Business Smartphone vs The Multimedia Device

The other day I asked whether I'd make a switch from a Tmobile Wing to a Nokia N95. With only a week of using the N95 under my belt, I'd have to say that my answer is that I would probably use both. The Tmobile Wing, with its QWERTY Keyboard and touchscreen make better use for my business functions the things that I have to do during the week. Meanwhile, what I'm learning about the N95, though I have Exchange, Gmail, and agile messenger (for IM on Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) set up on it, makes better sense for multimedia purposes instead of the functions I've become accustomed to using on the Wing.

Out the box, it took a little bit for me to set up my SMS service, as I stated in the earlier post. It wasn't a setting that came directly with the SIM card. Exchange wasn't built in, I had to download an app for it. But over the weekend, as I explored sending files over bluetooth, shooting video, and images, playing the music player, setting up the Flickr and
Vox accounts. On the Wing, I use Shozu to upload images and or video to Vox, Flickr, and YouTube. It's a third-party app and not a built in function of the phone as the set up for Flickr and Vox are with the N95.

As you can see below, the N95 images are much sharper than the Wing's.

In minimal lighting with the N95:


In outside daylight with the Tmobile Wing:

Glow in the dark Nike dunks

(If you can't really tell the difference from the small images, just click on them to see the larger views. In the smaller view, they look exactly the same, but if you click through for the original sizes, you'll notice that the larger the image, the more blurry the Wing image becomes. There is just no comparison in a contest between a 2 megapixel and a 5 megapixel camera. )

The other thing about the N95 that I really enjoyed is that it came preloaded with games. I played a lot of Snakes and a little bit of JellyPop. But most amazing was the sound quality on the device. I bluetoothed Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" from my laptop to the N95 and started playing it, and it sounded louder than some of the speaker systems that I dock my iPod in (I won't name them of course). Crystal clear, amazing sound. I started dancing immediately, and thought about becoming one of those subway dj's myself. Now I realize why it's so tempting to these kids, if the phone sounds good, you kind of want to show it off. But I resisted and opted instead for adding the song as my ring tone. It too a minute to set up the profile, but it wasn't that difficult to figure out. And best of all, I could do other things while listening to music.

While my Tmobile Wing serves my work needs and makes texting, emailing, and IMing easier (or anything that involves type for that matter) because of its QWERTY board, the predictive text options on the N95 aren't half bad. It just takes time to get used to if you've been using QWERTY phones for a while. The other drawback, is that I'm always attempting to touch the screen on the N95 to make something open or close -- no dice, that's not one of its features. This is why I said my Wing definitely makes sense during the week. It's not the perfect device, but it's the best for what I have to do most every day. Windows applications are more like Windows applications than the QuickOffice available for the N95.

But this is also why I said that maybe the N95 could be my weekend phone. It's just more fun. A lot more fun. And I haven't even touched the surface of its capabilities yet.

To learn more about each phone, watch these videos from phonescoop:

Video: Tmobile Wing Preview

Video: Nokia N95 Review

I had a Nokia N800 home for the past two weeks that I also wanted to review, but it's not the easiest thing to carry around with you. But since I'm looking for an alternative to a laptop, such as the Asus Eee PC. I'm still waiting for a review model of that or the OQO, ultra-mobile PC.

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