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02.05.04 03:52 PM

the brooklyn r, b, g fo' life

so i'm ova here listening to hot 97, new york's hip-hop station and i hear this track with an intro about BK and i hear jay-z say "now we're on the same track, what you gonna' do?" or something to that effect. and when i heard stickman and M1 of dead prez rattling off BK street names, i was like aw naw did he really do it?

but i listened and waited and waited for confirmation, and angie martinez came on after the song played and said (Jay-Z and dead prez). BTW, if anyone has a copy of this song, please pass onto a sista 'cuz she can't locate this track anywhere. i'll probably have to go mixtape hunting.

it's interesting that such a track would come out after his supposed retirement.

he did say..."and the music i be makin/ I dumb down for my audience/ And double my dollars/ They criticize me for it/ Yet they all yell "Holla"/ If skills sold/ Truth be told/ I'd probably be/ Lyricly/ Talib Kweli/ Truthfully/ I wanna rhyme like Common Sense"

perhaps if he comes back he'll reinvent himself. nah'mean? shoot he does have plans to marry Beyonce

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