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03.27.07 11:49 PM

Stop Cyberbullying Day

On his PBS blog, Andy Carvin has declared Friday as stopcynerbullying day. In light of the recent events, in which Kathy Sierra, a well known blogger and developer has reported that she received death threats on two blogs known for making fun of blogebrities and others in the marketing/technology/web sectors.

Carvin asks that you:

"Write a blog post pointing to online resources about cyberbullying. Post a podcast about personal experiences. Create your own public service announcement about the dangers of cyberbullying and post it on YouTube. Then tag it with the phrase stopcyberbullying."

Robert Scoble, formerly known as the Microsoft blogger, and now a blogebrity in his own right with a video show (ScobleShow) on podtech, has vowed to take the week off from blogging in support.

For the other side of the story in this affair, read Christopher Locke's rageboy post.

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