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05.13.03 12:58 AM

soon come

Yo, Corey, I am really feeling that 3rd Eye Open joint, so a review is forthcoming. And Mel if you're reading there's a review of your mixtape about to hit these pages too. You boys just have to bear with mama until she gets a few things off her plate.

And dearest Donald, there will be no move to MT with the site relaunch. Besides I'm really feeling postnuke as a CMS, but I won't be moving there either. I just won't learn new tricks no matter how easy they are. You have to understand I'm from the days of the punchcard. And somehow I feel about hand coding like I do about why I drive a standard over an automatic, I just love to be in control. There is no driving unless you're doing all the work yourself. But I have set up something just for the likes of you dear. If you, or anyone else, wants to link to an entry, I have set up a mirror of this page in the archives so you can access a permalink. I don't want to go switching the URL that everyone is linked to right now, so this page will continue to exist as the diary index page. If I'm nice, I'll put the pl's at the end of each post like this permalink and you can grab the URL, but I doubt it. Each entry has an anchor tag (always has) that allows you to link directly to an entry, but now with this new system it's a little more direct but the problem is it's more work for you. You have to check the source code and also perhaps the archives for the correct page...but if you're smart you won't have to. It really is no different than what the systems you folks are using do. Anwyay, to make a long story short, the permalink for this entry would be:

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