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09.29.06 03:09 AM

solution for my problem

a couple of days ago i wrote about the issue i was having with submitting tracks from my ipod to since upgrading to iTunes 7 and the iPod software update that came with it. i was really rubbing my forehead over this one. especially since no longer supports its iscrobbler plugin, and is developing its app.

since the app is still in beta, it didn't have the ability to update iPods anyway. mac users had to use yamipod so that songs they listened to on their iPod could be submitted to's servers and then be added to their charts there. it was definitely a little frustrating to begin with, having to use two apps instead of just one, as many had previously did with the iscrobbler plugin.

well, i'm thankful for open source. i spent many days searching for free apps that would solve my problem. i thought this menuet app was going to work, but after installation, though i found it to be a nifty app, i realized it only updated songs played in iTunes to — and not ones played on the iPod. finally this morning, after snooping around in's forums related to the iTunes scrobblers group there, i found a solution that's been sitting right under my nose since september 15. damn all that lost music history!

someone developed iscrobbler 1.2.1 test 2, that's supposed work just as the old iscrobbler plugin did. i've already realized that it submits iTunes played tracks to much quicker than the bulky app does. i'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if the update iPod feature works.

wish me luck.

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