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06.03.08 02:57 PM

Remember Urban Box Office?

Before Radio One's OnOne, before GlobalGrind, there was Urban Box Office. The hopes for it were right up there with BlackVoices, BlackPlanet, and But it was supposed to be even bigger. It was like a network of sites of everything urban. But what happened?

It looks like John Threat is directing a movie that answers those questions. This video clip appeared in my Facebook account today and I felt strongly about sharing it beyond the confines of Facebook.

Take a peek at the preview:

Video: First Generation Urban

If you remember UrbanExposé, then think of this upcoming film as UrbanExposé on streroids. There's going to be a lot of insider and behind-the-scenes information. Urban 2.0 could learn a lot from urban 1.0, that's if it hasn't already.

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