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07.19.13 03:23 PM

Relaunching My Website. This Time, It's True

For years, I've been saying that I'm going to relaunch this blog and relaunch my website and frankly given life and work, it just hasn't happened. But my life is in major flux right now, and I'm trying out a few new things (like Jawbone Up and Google Glass), and freelance writing some, and speaking at more conferences, and with that I want to bring this blog back full force and tell real stories again.



I want to give more than 140 characters to what I think of Jay Z's #MCHG (no hyphen, didn't you get the memo?) I want to talk more about what I thought when I first put on Google Glass than what any first photo I snapped can convey. I want to analyze my sleep patterns and how they impact my overall health by researching them in my Jawbone Up and providing anecdotal context (granted I don't always remember to turn sleep mode on).



While I'm all over the social media Web -- (see me on Twitter, see me on Facebook, see me on Google+, see me on Instagram, see me on Pinterst, see me on Slideshare, see me on yadda, yadda, yaa) -- there's no context or connection to bring the entire story together. And as someone who practices digital and social media strategy, I should know better. There has to be a main story -- one that is packaged and repurposed for other forms of media .. not that's told only through other forms of media with no Vine (lol, yeah I'm on there too). There needs to be a core, a home base, so to speak.

Here's a perfect example. I've been writing different kinds of posts about Warby Parker and my experiences with the company on Twitter and on Facebook, but as it's not one complete story, no one can tell why I love the company so much, and will sing it's praises forever. How about I just tell the entire story here? Wouldn't that make sense? Sure I could storify it, but it would still be missing something...because i didn't start from the core idea and then spread it around. I started spreading it around first. Yikes! Tactics before strategy.

So, hold me to it. Because it's coming. That's right, I said it. In 2014, I will relaunch this thing and it will be easier to find content that might interest you. Some stories will be personal. Some stories will be analytical. And some stories might just be images or video. But I don't want to share simply to pump my ego. I want to share to connect. To help others and help myself. That's how it was in the old days of blogging. When we all connected over our stories. Do you remember the time?

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