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04.16.07 11:35 AM

Qunicy Jones III Profile

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a feature on Quincy Jones III quest to take over the digital urban entertainment category. Right now, he's really in the best position to do this, as no one else is stepping up to the plate. There was a time though, way long ago, when we had sites like,,,, and -- before it was a Reggaeton distribution and promotion outlet. It was a time when sites like BlackPlanet, Africana, and mattered. Back then, there was an even a need for an Urban Internet Forum, as there were so many players in the game. These were all well-financed attempts at making a destination for urban entertainment and culture online. But many critics say they were ahead of their time.

But for Quincy Jones III and his company QD3 Entertainment, there is the possibility of piggy backing off of the success of such community-centric sites like YouTube. Read about how "Quincy Jones III Builds a Digital Entertainment Brand."

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