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06.15.08 03:42 AM

QOTD: Usher Says...

Have you seen the new cover story of Vibe, where Usher says:

“It can never be bad to have a foundation as a man—a black man—in a time when women are dying for men,” he says. “Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men. Are you not studying the stories? Wake up! Black love is a good thing.”

I haven't read the entire story, but only the excerpt online so I can't fully judge. But in reading the excerpt, I wasn't quite sure what the quote had to do with the overall subject. It looks like the piece is about his love with his wife, maintaining his brand, and where his career stands with his new album.

So, I wasn't quite sure where the quote fit in, other than it was a good pull out quote that would stir up some controversy for Vibe. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the article goes deeper into why he says that, but the way the excerpt is set up online -- it goes nowhere. So ok, the setup is that he stood up as a black man to take care of his responsibility and build a foundation, and to be a representative of black love (because it is real and does exist). But I'm still a little unsure of how the quote really fits into the piece. I don't know, call me crazy.

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