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09.20.06 02:57 AM

outkast and timberlake play prince

in new york magazine's pop review on september 18, ben white wrote:

"For musicians, Prince is like the East Texas oil field: a vast source of natural energy that, if not quite limitless, runs deep enough to last another few decades. There are at least seven Prince incarnations available for appropriation—late-nineties crooners like Maxwell, for instance, picked up on Prince, the Soul Man, while Diddy has clearly fallen under the influence of Prince, the Ceaseless Changer of Names. The most timeless, however, are the Sex Fiend and the Protean Genius, and it is these that inspire Justin Timberlake and OutKast, respectively, on their new albums, FutureSex/LoveSounds and Idlewild."

As much as I'm digging both albums right now, this thought had not occured to me. That's because, I suppose, when making Prince comparisons I tend to fall for the obvious rip offs such as D'Angelo, Maxwell, Bilal (I once wrote about this one) and the rest of that ilk. I never took the time to break Prince down into his various elements such as White did. (Even when writing about Prince I never did).

This is definitely a clever intro for a joint review of both albums. And I'm not here to steal White's shine, so you go over to New Yor Metro and read the article for yourself and decide whether you agree with his ruminations.

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