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10.24.07 08:15 PM

Obama's Gay Bashing Tour; The Jena Six Boys; Tupac Noosed

Topics of interest from around the Web. I don't even think I have to comment on them. I'll just let them speak for self.

But first, today is blogging against genocide day.

The Blogging Against Genocide Day
by African American Political Pundit

"Today the Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition is morphing into the Afrosphere Darfur Action Coalition to Blog Against Genocide, aiming to raise public awareness of this atrocity and applying public pressure to politician"

Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

"Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama ripped a page straight from the Bush campaign playbook with his announced upcoming three date barnstorm tour through South Carolina with notorious gay basher, gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. The Grammy winning black gospel singer's last effort on the political scene was his song and shill for Bush's reelection at the Republican National Convention in 2004. Obama has hitched his string to McClurkin's high flying gay bash kite in part out of religious belief (he purports to be somewhat of an evangelical), in bigger part because he's falling further and further behind Hillary Clinton with the black vote in South Carolina and everywhere else, and in the biggest part of all because he hopes that what worked for Bush's reelection will work for him."

The Jena Six Boys Need To Close Their Myspace Pages and Stay Off The Red Carpet
by Stereohyped

"This video, a montage of photos supposedly snatched from the Myspace page of Robert Bailey, Jr. (of Jena Six infamy), is an example of why attention should be paid to the issues involved in the Jena Six case — hate crimes and racism in the criminal justice system — and not the actual boys, who indisputably beat up a classmate in a 6-on-1 brawl. We shouldn’t trot them out to a star-studded award show and let them schmooze on the red carpet, nor should we celebrate them as burgeoning civil rights icons or stars."

Tupac Center For The Arts Vandalized With Noose
by HipHop Crunch

"Rural Georgia police have arrested a vandal and are currently investigating a cycle of racial attacks at the Tupac Center for the Arts, after vandals recently tied a noose around the neck of a Tupac Shakur statue housed in front of the museum."
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