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06.28.08 01:45 PM

My friendfeed w/tabs via feedalizr

My friendfeed w/tabs, originally uploaded by lynneluvah.

If you've followed me for a while, you may know that I like trying out new apps and webservices. I often try out things until I find the one thing that works for me. Usually, a tool that works for me brings everything together in a method that makes sense in the way that i do work.

I've been using friendfeed for a while now, especially since twitter became so unreliable. For twitter, I was already using Mac dashboard widgets, browser plugins like twitbin, desktop clients like Twitterific, and smartphone apps like CeTwit on my WinMo phone and twibble on my n95. On the phone, I could have been using SMS or the mobile web, but it just wasn't the right experience for me. I needed tools that acted more like the web services themselves.

So that brings me to friendfeed, and what I've done with it lately. (It took a while to catch on for me because I was using alertthingy as an app instead of logging in on the Web. The problem with alertthingy though, was that everything ran together as one stream and it just seemed like a bunch of noise (some complain that happens anyway when you've subsribed to all a-list bloggers). It just didn't work for me, and I couldn't figure out how to make it work for me, so I started trying to get into friendfeed directly from the web.

Once Duncan Riley wrote these Greasemonkey Scripts that add tabs to your friendfeed, I found an even better reason to use the service. The tabs helped me turn friendfeed into a startpage by adding direct links into facebook, techmeme, twitter, readburner, and google reader.

Still on the friendfeed side of things, I often found myself trying to learn how to filter by hiding things so that I could get to the meat of what I really wanted to see in my overall feed. I still wasn't always happy, and still found myself weeding out a lot of noise. But now I found a tool that makes all of that easy for me. It's called Feedalizr. In fact, I was able to upload the above photo to flickr using feedalizr.

But here's what makes feedalizr hot.

1. You can add Twitter
2. You can add Friendfeed
3. You can add flickr
4. You can add jaiku
5. You can directly upload video through feedalizr

What else?

You can select filters. Either by types of content, such as blogs, youtube, twitter, pownce, of you can filter by person - the people you are subscribed to. Finally friendfeed makes sense and has a lot less noise.

Here's a video about Why I love feedalizr. It shows you how I'm using it and the benefits of the client.

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