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03.14.04 04:16 AM

my first tv appearance

okay, it really wasn't my first, because i've been on bcat (brooklyn community access television) interviewing angel kyodo williams and in another episode interviewing ron kavanaugh of mosaicbooks for a show called mosaiclive, of which my brother is the producer and director. and not that those don't count, they do, but this one is a lot different.

a couple of monday nights ago, i was on UPN 9 News in NY and NJ. i don't know which other markets carry this network. it was a strange time for me, and i wasn't even going to mention it here, but two things happened this past week that made this event resurface.

a reporter/producer from upn 9 news had contacted me b/c she was doing a story on the black church and homosexuals. she said she ran across this quote, "The black church, the oldest institution and pillar of the black community, has historically dictated the community's stance on homosexuality either you don't talk about it, or you condemn it," of mine at human rights campaign foundation's site. the quote was actually extrapolated from a story i had written for called young, black, gifted, and gay about hip-hop and homosexuals. don't worry, hrcf got my permission to use the quote.

but anyway...

at first, i was a little taken aback by the call. with all this talk about same-sex marriage going on, i thought perhaps i was being trapped into talking about that issue wrapped in this other issue. i was assured that wasn't the case. and perhaps trapped is the incorrect word, but i wanted to be sure that i wasn't being tricked. that the issue was what the woman told me it would be.


i thought about it some. when i talked to "t" about it, and had a conversation with "the ex" about some biz we had to take care of, they both said i should do it. even while having brunch with keith boykin one saturdayi talked about it. these folks rested any reservations i had, or tv shyness i was feeling. but other than these folks, i hadn't really told too many people. not even my family.

the producer thought it would be good to get my perspective since i teach a sociology course. i still was a bit camera shy, but when they came to the office to tape me i was prepared. hair was did and the face was beat.

at work, the only people i told were the PR chick and my VP emil wilbekin. they both told me to go for it. so i did. and still i hadn't talked about it much to others.

then when i met the fellas for the blog brunch, ronn mentioned that he had seen me on tv. i was a bit perplexed, b/c i was told that i wouldn't be on until the following monday. matter of fact a few people sad they saw me, but what they actually saw were the coming attractions. hell if i knew my face was popping up on tv for a couple of days.

but still i had not told the family. i just hadn't thought about it much. i did at first, and then i didn't. my job keeps me so busy, i don't think about a lot of things. so the monday came, and i realized that same-sex marriages would be a topic that night. i of course thought i had been bamboozled. but no, the black church and gays topic came up following the same-sex issue. and really all i had were a few soundbites. one where i said something like "it's very hush." and another where i said something like "it's a lot like the military, don't ask, don't tell." sound bites. that's all.

i didn't actually watch it myself. well not initially. i was jittery. i thought i probably didn't sound right, or say the right thing, or look right, so i pressed record on the VCR and waited to watch it later.

of course that same night, the phone was abuzz. mom and sis were the first to call. they actually got a call from one of my sis's friends saying baby sis was on tv. and then, the next day, the im was on blast. folks that don't even im me crawled out. (this tells me loads about how many folks watch black-themed tv shows on monday nights. i guess that's why the topic aired that night. clever upn 9 them.)

"the ex" even im'd to say i didn't say i'd be on tv, so there was a lot of surprise when watching tv that night. shows how much listening that one does, huh?

but that was it.

it was over. it went away. two seconds of fame were long gone. and i was cool with that.

and then...

this week, i'm sitting in my office working on a project, and i overhear someone at the assistant's desk asking where the offices to our sister publication were located, and then, "hey, i know this office, i saw someone on tv, a sociology student." ok so the leo i am, came out and said, "no actually that's sociology professor." anyway, duke (it's a lot like dude often used in brooklyn) was like oh, maybe you can offer me some guidance, i'm looking to get a masters. wow! this shit was unreal. he wanted my advice on what he should major in for a number of things he was planning to do with his life.

but trust me i'm not big headed by all of this. you might think so because i'm blogging about it. but really i'm not. i'm humbled by it. very humbled.

so it ended again. no one to talk about this tv appearance any longer. thank goodness.

and then...

i haven't been to the barbershop in ages. since growing out the hair, and not getting it all lined up perfectly anymore b/c i've mainly been braiding and twisting it, i really hadn't been. but today, i decided i wanted someone else to clean up the neck, line around the sides, and start the foundation for my sideburns again, since i had cut them off when someone else (the nofrills barber at the braiding salon) misshaped them. it takes a long time to get sideburns to look like this. and once f'd up, i was just very pissed and put clipper to side of face myself to take them off, well not cleanly off, but the luda' swirl got nixed. but anyway, today i decide to go to the barbershop to try and start getting that shape again. and as i sit in the chair, the barber says, i saw you on tv.

it'll end right? please, tell me it'll end?

oh shit, probably not. i just told all of you.

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