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09.01.04 04:55 PM

let's make a long story short

so y all the job postings on my site lately?

first off the africana listing was for a friend i used to work with at who i'd love to work with at some point in my life again. :-)

with that said. let's just say, i wasn't feeling really fulfilled in my gig. i have been talking awhile about it being time to go, but i really wasn't doing anything about it - not seriously anyway. and then some new director came in, convinced the board of a new structure and a new online group was on its way, but it was moving slowly. so i started to seriously looking elsewhere. and some of the folks who were interested in me, i gotta' tell you i was kind of interested in them too.

long story short. my online team is growing. i got promoted. and so some folks who were taking serious looks at me as a candidate for some posts asked if i could put the word out there for them.

and some of the other job posts have just been my effort to help some friends out by connecting them with some of the most wonderful writers i've met in the past 3 years - that's right you bloggers. many of you who have told me you're serious about media careers. i'm just trying to show you it's all possible if you really want it.

rest of the long and short of it is - with the promotion and the process of transitioning my relationship back to us being in the same place, looking for a new place to live, among a few other professional and personal movements leaves very little of me for blogging. but as i usually do it, i won't be gone too long.

+++++++ and thanks to rocka and j. for the birthday gifts ++++++++++++

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