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06.29.04 03:26 PM

Kill BloodClott Bill Mixtape

killbillmixtape.gifI'm a mixtape fanatic and definitely a Kardinal Offishall fan so no doubt I'm feeling his latest mixtape. I'm wondering when he'll have another album instead of making all these mixtapes. When he and Pharrell made "Belly Dancer" in 2003, I thought MCA was gonna open up the studio and let this kid get at. It just hasn't happened yet. Supposing since Interscope swallowed up MCA it just wants to stay with its Aftermath/Shady/Gunit projects for now. IMHO, Kardi has done the best integration of East Coast-based emceeing and Kingston DJing, and to top it off he's from the T-Dot (that's Toronto for those of you who don't know).

But in the interim, if you've missed any of his last few mixtapes such as Bad Man A Bad...DJ Quest & Kardinal Offishall, Fire Shots!! Kardinal Offishall & Cipha Sounds, Kardinal Offishall - The Firestarter (and the last one is not to be confused with his industry debut Quest For Fire: Firestarter) you can hear his latest mixtape for free.

I'm especially feeling this joint b/c of the Kill Bill theme and my boy Vybz Kartel is on this joint. If you're really going to represent in Dancehall right now you can't have a mixtape w/out Kartel on it. He's the hottest lyricist DJ wise in dancehall though his talent rests on slackness he's got a slick ass wordplay going on. (Just bigging up Kartel, b/c I predict that after Sean Paul and Elephant Man - Kartel is the next big thing. He might have to go to VP Records to make it happen instead of resting wtih Greensleeves, but who knows.)

Anyways, sorry for the delayed introduction, you can hear Kardi's new mixtape as a Real Audio stream from, right now. listen

Sample lyrical wit on the spaghetti western opener...

bang bang kardinal's in the city/ going after bill like dylan after diddy

bill killed tupac and bill killed biggie/ bill made hardcore niggas dress jiggy/ yo that's sticky/ sick and nah truss 'em/ if you see bill then take 'em out and buss 'em

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