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01.06.05 11:48 PM

it don't get no better


"Go, Go, Go/ 50 in the house/ Bounce/ Ya'll already know what I'm about/ The flow sounds sicka/ Over Dre drums nigga/ I ain't stupid, I see doc, then my dough come quicka" - 50 Cent, "Disco Inferno"

When I wrote "Hip-Hop's Holy Trinity," about 50's debut success as an extension of Dre and Em's success there were 2 things I didn't know at the time. One, that the piece would end up in Da Capo Best Music Writing 2004, or two, that I'd be privy to hearing material from the next project before it was even mixed down. All I got to say is that as a person dude has grown, so therefore as an artist - lyrically - he's also grown. Beats are sick of course, how could they not be with Dre at the helm, along with Scott Storch, and production even by Hi-Tek. Don't know that it'll reach Get Rich Or Die Tryin' numbers, but I can say that from what I've heard I'm quite pleased.

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