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01.17.04 10:20 PM

i want this CD — real bad

so i'm riding home in the car.

wait, let me backtrack.

my moms is turning 72 on monday, and she says she doesn't want to do anything for her birthday, but she would like me to come visit her. so i'm like sure i'll come on saturday. but then my sister calls me this week and tells me she makes reservations for Londels in Striver's Row. so we plan that i'll go over and we'll just drag mom out the house, but not tell her what's up. but this chick, she's out all day, and thinking i'm going to be my usual late self, so my sister has to tell her we're going out to eat and that my brother is meeting us. but does mom come back on time? hell naw. is she dressed the way she'd like to be dressed? hell naw. she's still under the impression that we're not doing anything special, because that's the way she'd like it.

anyway, we get there, and my bro's been waiting awhile. but moms, she really liked the place. and my niece is the center of attention, though we should all be paying attention to mom. but the kid's going to be 14 soon, so she can't help herself. and my sister and i drink Hulks, though i can't stand hennesy. and when my moms tells the waitress what age she's going to be, the waitress says she looks like she's in her 50s. so moms is all smiling like a chessie cat. it felt really good to see her like that.

man, it's taking me a long time to get to this CD i want.

anyway, i promise to go back to the house with them to pick up my car, and spend some time with my niece playing def jam vendetta on the PS2, but she's all pissed 'cuz everything she saved to the memory card somehow got deleted, so she doesn't want to play. she wants to talk on the phone to her friends, and my mom is getting ready for church tomorrow, and my sister is about to go spend the night out, and my brother went back to brooklyn already, so i'm like, yo' i need to go home.

so i get in the car, and sick of urban radio programming, i turn on dj Jeannie Hopper's liquid sould lounge on wbai. and i wasn't feeling it as much as usual, but then she played the roy ayers africa '70 version of "searching," and i was like wow. got damn, wow. and i'm all singing along, all operatic and whatnot. and i wish i could get out the car and move my feet, and do a spin and some body movement. and i'm all like got damned. this shit is dope. wow. and then i remembered that bbemusic was releasing all this unreleased roy ayers material, and i think donald even mentioned it the other night when we hung out. and i decided that i wanted, no, i had to have roy ayers Virgin Ubiquity - Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981, but damn when i went searching for it on amazon, i saw searching wasn't on it. so i went to visit bbe and saw it was only a single. and then i decided i had to have all his unreleased material � the CDs and singles to boot.

and if you don't believe that this recording of "searching" is all that, you just take a listen for yourself. click on the real player logo.

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