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01.11.07 02:26 PM

I Love Vox

I'm loving Vox dearly, in fact I've been posting there almost every day lately. But I'm torn between the idea of having this sort of community centered around a blog in which I just have fun, but where I can also be serious, and have some level of control over who comments and who views a post, alongside blogging here for the public at large and writing pithy posts about popular culture, cyber culture, and all else I write about.

I'm truly torn, but on some levels I think that I can do both. Somehow, they serve two different purposes. On one level, this blog is as much about the brand Lynne d Johnson, as it is anything else, while over there on Vox I'm sort of letting my hair down and rolling in the mud with no clothes on.

It's funny, when I first interviewed Mena Trott about Vox I was skeptical. I wanted to know what was going to be so different about vox than other blogging coummities like livejournal or blogger. I've never tried livejournal, and I was only a blogger user for a short while, so I really don't even have much to compare. But given who's using Vox, I'd say there's something there, but at the end of the day it really all depends on what your blogging needs are.

So perhaps I'm not retiring after all. There's still a lot of stories left in me, ones that make sense to keep this thing going. Besides, according to Feedburner and Bloglines #s, not too many people are going away. So I'm thinking, you must be around for something, and I guess that means you want me to write here at least once in a while. Then again it could be totally something as simple as you come here out of habit, and as far as subscribing to feeds go, you never delete any of them.

Whichever it is, thanks. It's still enough to convince me that I can keep this going for a little longer.

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