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04.06.08 11:15 PM

Here, There, and Everywhere

Since a lot more of my life happens on Facebook and Twitter, I'm always forgetting to update this blog. I'm currently awaiting podcasts from the SXSWi, Women Who Tech, and BlogHer Business '08 panels I participated in, so that I can post them here. Hopefully, they're all coming soon. But I've also been writing a few blog posts at BlackWeb2.0 and Here's some of what I've written:

This Week in Women and Technology
In this blog post, I write about participating in WWT and talk a little about the BlogHer business conference. More about BlogHer Biz coming soon.

QIK Stream of NY Web 2.0 Meetup
Since getting the Nokia N95, I've been taking more photos and shooting more videos. Last week, I attended the NY Web 2.0 Meetup and livestreamed a talk by Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) of wine library tv.

Hip-Hop 2.0: Notorious Blog
A post at BlackWeb2.0 about the launch of a blog by Wayne Barrow, Producer of the film NOTORIOUS. Here's where you can stay up on what's happening with the film about B.I.G.

The SEO Rapper on Design Coding
A dude with a YouTube channel, who apparently has better Web skills than he does rapping skills. Yet, it's a clever video nonetheless.

The Muxtape Buzz — How Long Will It Last?
More and more people are writing about how digital music is more for advertising than for buying, while folks like the CEO of Napster says that the physical media for music is a dying breed. How the music future going to play out anyway? I don't know, but what I do know is that both Muxtape and Mixaloo offer cool ways to share music with your friends and offer that little moment called discovery. Differences here: Mixaloo has a business model built in.

MySpace Latino > MiGente
Social Media companies are starting to think about approaches to the Latin American market. We all remember how Brazil took over the Google-backed Orkut don't we? Well, turns out, Latin Americans are on MySpace in droves and Analytics 2.0 even wrote a white paper about it: White Paper III - Social Networks in Latin America.

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