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03.20.07 02:20 PM

Gender + Diversity + Technology

Since the Open Source (Opening Move) Podcast with Scott Mace, I've been receiving information about Gender, Diversity, and Technology.

First, after IMing him the podcast, David Wheeler, author of the Bricolage CMS and former anthropologist, sent me a link to a paper from the Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Policy Support called the Gender: Integrated Report of Findings.

A few days later, Ylona Richardson, a female technologist, also sent me a link to that same report, as well as Gender Policy Recommendations.

She also sent me a link to a NASA video, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where Jan Berkeley, one of the Sequence Team Lead engineers on the Cassini program shares the latest news from Saturn. Women in technology in the government, and even women of color, is not such a strange thing Richardson shares. "The US government actually does a relatively good job of filling "hard science" and engineering roles with a diverse population," she says.

I find this inspiring that my talk with Scott Mace has ignited interest in conversation, even for the people engaging in this discussion who aren't necessarily conversing with me.

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