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07.16.03 02:12 AM

full throttle vs bad boys II

In the past couple of weeks I was invited to screenings of both Full Throttle and Bad Boys II, and let's just say I much more enjoyed the latter than the former. Why? In the first pic, you have two white girls and one Asian girl trying to be funny, while in the second, you have two black boys who are actually hilarious. In Full Throttle, you have these over-the-top Matrix meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fighting scenes that are totally ubelievable and these women kick nearly anyone's ass without weapons. In Bad Boys II, you have fast cars and big guns, and some believable (though all not totally so) action scenes that display beautiful cinematography.

As far as chick flicks go, Full Throttle, finds these three girls always as a cohesive unit with little to no tension in their relationship. In Bad Boys, you have incredible tension between Will Smith's hot head and Martin's evolving calmness. The fact that they get along without really getting along, seems likely for a friendship that has existed since the buddies were in high school. Though a chick flick, should be sexy, Full Throttle is not, because just as in the first installment of this series we have Cameron Diaz shaking her booty and trying to get down like a black girl. Yeah ok, it's pretty cool that Bernie Mac adds humor to the flick, as does the former angel turned bad girl as portrayed by Demi Moore adds some girl-on-girl action. But I found myself sucking my teeth at how there seemed to be nothing the angels couldn't do. They can get shot and fall miles to the ground without dying. Besides, why must chicks in flicks always be in search of some man to cling to or even in fear that some romantic relationship will break the bond of the sister's circle? Bring out the violins.

Though there is a little love nestled within the story that comprises Bad Boys II, between Will Smith and Gabrielle Union, it does not serve as central focus of the movie. Though some would beg to differ, as his final combustible mission is to rescue her. Ok, I might be giving too much away here. But all good buddy flicks work because of the action, drama, humor, and odd couple pairing of the buddies. And Bad Boys II has that and then some. And then, the comedic timing of both Smith and Martin is so on point, even if you don't want to laugh at their overuse of the word nigger you find yourself in stitches. For the most part, I believe that folks have been waiting patiently these past eight years for the return of this duo and trust me it's well worth the wait. There was anticipation, laughter, lots of drama, and a good script, which I'm sure the pair took liberties to pour some ad libbing on top of. Without giving too much away, or providing any deep analysis of the movie, I'd just like to add that I believe it will be a summer blockbuster. I'm already planning on adding it to the DVD collection, simply on the strength of the scene where the guys skere the beejesus out of a 15-year-old who comes a courting Martin's daughter.

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